Portrait of a GFFer: Maxine Kraft

Meet Maxine Kraft. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Maxine joined the Austin office in its first year after interning for GFF Dallas. Maxine was born in Germany and grew up in Fort Worth, but is a typical Austinite in her love for food, music, the outdoors, dogs, increasing housing costs, and the Texas Longhorns. Read below for more about Maxine!

  1. I love living in Austin. I live right by the Greenbelt and am within walking distance to Zilker Park, both prime locations for outdoor activities. I love the food in Austin, the concerts, the dog-friendliness, and the awesome events that are always popping up.
  2. I was born in Germany, grew up in Fort Worth, and stayed in Austin after attending UT (hook em!!). I can speak German but don’t expect all the grammar to be correct.
  3. I have a puppy named Arya and she rocks. She has major attitude and people say she looks like a fruit bat.
  4. I dabble in many hobbies and am not an expert in any of them. Right now I am working on my film camera skills.
  5. My favorite shows are The Office and Game of Thrones (so unique, right?) I sadly can quote entire episodes of the Office and find a way to bring it into most conversations. I have friends I promise.
  6. Building houses for my Sims was the beginning of my architectural talents.
  7. I played soccer and ran cross country in high school but I refuse to run now. Yoga is my current physical activity of choice.
  8. My favorite trip was last summer in Iceland with my sister Fiona. We rented a car and drove around the entire Ring Road, stopping at tons of cool sites. Let’s just say we saw enough waterfalls for an entire lifetime.
  9. I would go to Japan just to eat copious amounts of sushi.
  10. Jim West, our studio director, told me I have to mention how into the Bachelor/Bachelorette I am. Tuesday mornings are spent discussing last night’s episodes with Sara, and we have gotten other people in the office into it. I have to have something to counterbalance the complications of Thrones. I was part of a Bachelor fantasy league too….