Portrait of a GFFer: Marissa Tang

Meet Marissa Tang, a Dallas native but a proud Arkansas Razorback (WOO PIG!). She has a Bachelor’s in Interior Design and has been a member of the Interiors Studio here at GFF for two years. Read more about Marissa below!

  1. I’m the middle child of 4 girls (my two younger sisters are twins, so they count as one) and if you ask my sisters, I apparently have pretty bad ‘middle child syndrome’.
  2. I’m super tall – almost 6’ – but the only sport I ever excelled at was dance and drill team. My height made it easy to find me at football games, right on the 50 yard line!
  3. Two experiences I would have never gotten without my dance team: performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and at Downtown Disney in Florida.
  4. I knew I wanted to be a designer when I had way more fun building Barbie’s neighborhood than playing with her. It was confirmed in junior high when ‘Interior Designer’ was one of my suggestions on a career personality test.
  5. I never got back one of my favorite school projects that they ‘borrowed’ for our design program’s re-accreditation showcase.
  6. My boyfriend Kevin and I are high school sweethearts. A little over a year ago we adopted Lily, our 2 year old spoiled dachshund-terrier mix.
  7. I am a certified scuba diver and would love to scuba the Great Barrier Reef one day!
  8. Vacation of choice: Cruises. Hands down the best way to visit multiple places without unpacking, and it doesn’t involve airplanes (huge plus).
  9. I already picked out my mid-life crisis: culinary school!
  10. Things I can’t live without: coffee, 8 full hours of sleep, and sweets!