Portrait of a GFFer: Lance Abaya

Meet Lance Abaya!

Lance joined us in 2010 and is an Associate and Design Leader.

Lance says, “My favorite thing about GFF is how they value each individual of the firm, and the importance of inclusiveness in every facet of the practice. I consider GFF as a family who ensures that every one of us has a voice in the design process, and fosters the unique spirit of each GFF’er. This has profound effects in our work and has produced the most meaningful design projects infused with soul. GFF shapes lives and shapes neighborhoods, which is engrained in the Design Maxims that defines the firm’s care for its people and the projects we engage in. I am proud to be a part of the GFF family!”

Outside of work, Lance is an outdoorsman and avid cyclist who enjoys gravel biking on country roads. He recently placed 17th (age group 30-39) in the Gravel Locos bike race in Hico, TX – a pilgrimage of pro-tour and amateur riders duking it out in the Texas Hill Country.

A fun fact about Lance is that he is a first generational Filipino-American born and raised in West Texas. “My roots run deep in both cultures through family, food, tradition, and the fondness for everything outdoors. One of our favorite things to do with family and friends is to gather and cook over an open fire.”