Portrait of a GFFer: Jordan Coslett

Meet Jordan Coslett. Jordan joined them GFF Austin team after graduating from the University of Kansas with a Master of Architecture and Minor in Business. Read below for more about Jordan!

  1. My parents never got a dog until I moved away for college. Not fair!
  2. If you think Kansas is flat, try walking to class at KU up 14th Street in Lawrence – you’ll quickly change your mind.
  3. I worked on an archaeological dig in Turkey for the summer a few years ago and found an ancient Lydian stamp seal sitting right on top of the dirt.
  4. I love cooking, but since moving to Austin I still haven’t purchased a pots and pans set so I’ve been using a single, tiny pan to prepare all my meals.
  5. I’m trying to plan a trip to Vietnam or Thailand, so if anyone has been there let me know what I should do!
  6. I was studying abroad in Paris during the World Cup, Tour de France, and the Yellow Vest riots, so there was never a shortage of wild demonstrations/celebrations.
  7. I love being outdoors, and sunshine can immediately lift my spirits when I’m down.
  8. The town I grew up in had one stop light.
  9. I pretty much eat a whole avocado every day.
  10. I love music of all genres and think life would be boring without it!