Portrait of a GFFer: Jonathan Creel

Meet Jonathan Creel. Jonathan hails from Odessa, Texas and went to Texas Tech University where he received his architecture credentials.  After completing college, he and his now wife made the trek to the big D to try and place a stake at success.  Well, here they are. Read below for more about Jonathan!

  1. My favorite things are clocks, pay phones, bridges, and bicycles.
  2. I think most architectural professionals dream of building their own house. I dream of building my own restaurant. The service industry has a soft spot in my heart, and I enjoy designing restaurants more than any other assembly.
  3. I’m a REALLY good cook (drops mic).
  4. If I’m not stressed, confused, scared, or anxious I feel incomplete.
  5. I don’t believe that airplanes should work. No matter how much proof you give me, this heavy metal tube should not be flying in the sky like that.
  6. I have so much artwork that I’ve done over the years that I’m afraid to show. OMOT was the first gallery show I officially submitted work to.  I felt so exposed when my work was on the wall.
  7. I’m a proud Texan and you should never put beans in chili (drops mic again).
  8. I’m also a beer nerd.
  9. …and a coffee nerd.
  10. I could probably just end this with, nerd.