Portrait of a GFFer: Jeff Boyum

Meet Jeff Boyum, a Wisconsin native and graduate from Iowa State University. He joined the GFF team in 2014 and is currently a Project Coordinator in the Planning Studio. Read below for more about Jeff!

  1. For most of my childhood I lived on a cattle and crop farm in Minnesota, before moving to the rural town of Tomah, Wisconsin. And yes, I do love cheese and beer.
  2. I am a huge car nerd. My dream car is an Audi S6, charcoal with black interior.
  3. I have an associate’s degree of horticulture.
  4. I studied abroad in Rome for a summer. I have had the travel bug ever since.
  5. I’ve never taken an SAT or ACT.
  6. I get offended when someone calls me a landscaper (seriously).
  7. One day I want to travel to Fjaerland, Norway to meet my distant relatives.
  8. I didn’t know I wanted to be a Landscape Architect until I was 20 years old.
  9. Every Sunday evening my friends and I get together and cook dinner and drink wine. I look forward to it every week!
  10. Fun fact: I am very ambidextrous. I always write with my right hand and eat with my left.