Portrait of a GFFer : Jacquelyn Block

Jacquelyn is always one of our favorite people to work with in the office so we thought we’d ask her to share a few rare facts about herself. We are not surprised that she is adventurous, but now we want to know even more!

  1. I love going on adventurous trips. My three favorite trips so far are: a South African safari, diving in the great barrier reef and trekking across Thailand/Malaysia.
  2. My undergraduate degree was in architectural engineering.
  3. I was a business consultant at Accenture for 4 years before getting my Masters in Architecture.
  4. I lived in London while working on a project for Sainsbury’s grocery store as a business consultant.
  5. I love to read and welcome book recommendations.
  6. I enjoy gardening, even though you can’t tell from looking at my yard.
  7. Three of my sisters were at UT Austin my senior year and all four of us lived together.
  8. I am scared of heights.
  9. I do not like shopping.
  10. I had the opportunity to meet Bill Clinton and have a one on one conversation with him.