Portrait of a GFFer: Gavin Newman

Meet Gavin Newman, born in Dallas and raised in Mesquite, Texas. After completing Tulane Universities Master’s program, he eagerly returned to Dallas.

Read below for more information about Gavin!


  1. Favorite food: Thai curries.
  1. I wasn’t interested in any of my school’s study abroad programs so I went to work abroad with a research studio after my junior year. I spent an incredible summer in the outskirts of Beijing in a village of artists. I don’t speak Chinese, but am fluent in pantomiming.
  1. I treasure the strange travel experiences I’ve had so far, including: starring in a Chinese/Russian commercial for fans, being detained in a remote Chinese village after the local leader thought I was a western spy, and swimming across the Rio Grande into Mexico.
  1. I’m a favorite uncle.
  1. I lettered in swimming and academic decathlon in high school, though I’m most proud of the gardening club I started.
  1. I worked a strange assortment of jobs before settling into architecture: I taught swimming, made coffee, handled art, worked as an artist’s assistant, worked as a teaching assistant, and managed a stockroom.
  1. I lost the hearing in my left ear at 6 and regained the use of that ear with an implanted hearing aid a few years ago. I proudly identify as a cyborg.
  1. I’ve played upright and electric basses for the past 17 years. I keep both around still for sanity.
  1. I’m a huge fan of the DSO and love searching out new composers.
  1. I collect books. Sometimes I manage to read them.