Portrait of a GFFer: Eddy Zamora

Meet Eddy Zamora. Eddy is a Dallasite and Architecture graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. He joined the Pontious studio in October and is working on multifamily projects.

  1. I play several instruments including saxophone and have played venues like Trees and Southside Ballroom. Jam session – check.
  2. Cats are cool. I live with a Bengal/Siamese mix we rescued. He opens doors and cabinets..
  3. I enjoy x-sports, bmx, skateboarding and motocross. I used to skateboard and still love the sport.
  4. Blade Runner is a phenomenal film in its depiction of the built environment. Any suggestions for more with architectural themes?
  5. When I travel the list of buildings, parks, and monuments to see is endless.
  6. There is a Zamora, Spain. I might be related? A great project there is the offices designed by Campo Baeza studio.
  7. I go to concerts. Catch me at one!
  8. I was probably among the first to include the bird app as part of my daily commute.
  9. Always growing my architecture library..
  10. I recently renovated my parents’ house. We opened the space, added windows and new finishes. They love it!