Portrait of a GFFer: Brittney Cook

Meet Brittney Cook. Brittney was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to Norman to attend The University of Oklahoma. There she received her Bachelor’s in Architecture with distinction in 2013. She has two minors in Construction Science and Environmental Studies. Brittney is an only child, but has been fortunate to have gained 5 sisters, 4 nieces and two nephews in the making from her husband’s side of the family! Read below for more about Brittney!

  1. I have been married to my best friend for three years, but we have been together for more than 11.
  2. I am very proud to be multi-racial with heritage from four continents – I could tell you which ones, but I like it when people guess.
  3. In my free time, I write fiction because reality is too scary.
  4. As of 2016, I have flown in a complete circle around the world, stopping in Hong Kong and Japan along the way.
  5. I do not wear more than one color at a time, and the vast majority of days, that “color” is gray.
  6. I am a sufferer of a digestive condition that makes me unable to digest many foods, mostly the delicious ones.
  7. My favorite kinds of movies are the ones that leave me thinking after it is over. Bonus points if I am thinking AND crying.
  8. Some of my favorite movies include Fight Club, Watchmen, House of Flying Daggers, Gattaca, and Atonement.
  9. I have been skydiving, including climbing under the wing of a plane and doing backflips off it. Yes, I have a video of the entire thing, and no, you cannot see it.
  10. My birthday falls on Thanksgiving every few years, including this one.