Portrait of a GFFer: Anna Eliese Scott

Meet Anna Eliese Scott. Anna Eliese is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin-Madison and joined the GFF Landscape Studio in 2018. She is well suited for landscape architecture because she has quite the green thumb! She loves plants and is the designated plant expert for friends and family. She has a wide range of interests and hobbies and is always looking for something new. A bucket list item for Anna Eliese is visiting all 50 states. Read below for more about Anna Eliese!


  1. I don’t have a hometown. My dad is from Virginia and my mom is from Iowa. I was born in Indianapolis and soon after moved to Chicago. Then I moved back to Indy, and from there I went to Louisville, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin; Omaha, and now Dallas. To me, home is wherever my parents are, which is currently South Carolina.
  2. I have been passionate about art since I could pick up a pencil. In college, I taught pottery and painting classes at the art studio on campus. There I dabbled in different types of art such as wood burning, printing, jewelry making, and glass/mosaics.
  3. I spend most of my free time doing one of my ever-expanding interests/hobbies. I love to paint, throw pottery, hammock, bike, cook, garden, and *barely* play guitar/alto saxophone.
  4. I am a botany enthusiast! I am obsessed with plants and no one can tell me I have too many. I will not be satisfied until my apartment feels like a forest.
  5. Although I am a city girl, growing up, my cousins and I liked to catch cats on my grandparent’s farm. I am now a cat lover! My kitty is appropriately named Juniper (like the plant).
  6.  My younger sisters are fraternal twins, but we are all close in age and we pretend we are triplets.
  7. My main sports growing up were basketball and volleyball, but I also did soccer, softball, tennis, dance (ballet, tap, and jazz), track and field, and briefly ice-skating & gymnastics. Again, I love trying new things.
  8. I had two pet tree frogs and a duck named spot.
  9. I am an April Fool’s Day baby. No, I am not joking.
  10. I grew up going to Indianapolis Colts games every weekend, so I am a lifetime fan. Sorry, Dallas!