Portrait of a GFFer: Alex Martin

Meet Alex Martin. A Dayton, Ohio native and Ohio State University graduate, Alex joined the GFF team in 2015. Before joining us here at GFF, Alex owned a landscape construction and maintenance firm that lead him to his passion for landscape architecture. Alex is currently a Team Member in the Planning Studio. See below for more about Alex!

  1. I was an only child until I was 12 years old; I am now the oldest of eleven siblings.
  2. I won third place in a state extemporaneous speaking competition in my junior year of high school.
  3. I am a self-taught welder and fabricator.
  4. I followed in the family footsteps and became a third generation machinist before going back to college.
  5. I have built and rebuilt several off road vehicles, including a 1967 jeep and two Toyota pickups.
  6. I have ridden a motorcycle in the snow, and hope to never do it again.
  7. My father lived in Germany for five years, allowing me to explore many places in Europe during college.
  8. During college I worked for a soil research and development facility which had tighter security than most banks.
  9. Growing up in Dayton, Ohio I have always been connected to aviation and even missed school to watch the last SR-71 Blackbird land at WPAFB and be inducted into the Air Force Museum.
  10. I have always been gifted at math and science, so it was a surprise to my family when I chose a creative profession over engineering or accounting.