Portrait of a GFFer: Sydney the Womble Studio Wombat

Meet Sydney, the mascot/newest member of the Womble Studio! She came to GFF this year all the way from Australia where she was born and raised. After studying Burrow Construction Sciences at the University of Melbourne, she decided to pursue her love of the built environment to above the ground and head over to America, where GFF has given her ample opportunity to experience the active world of human architecture. Read below for more about Sydney, and keep an eye out for her on future site visits and Womble Studio events!

  1. I’m a hugger. There’s a reason wombats look so cuddly!
  2. Like a number of other GFFers, I’m a vegetarian, but I just may change that for the BBQ everybody here in Texas is crazy about.
  3. My mom had a cameo role in the movie The Rescuers Down Under, and people say we look just alike. Does that make me famous?
  4. I’m very shy by nature, but am trying to get better at networking for professional reasons, as long as I can avoid those scary Dingoes! (I heard they eat babies)
  5. Though I can go weeks without drinking, I don’t like to let many happy hours pass without a can of Fosters.
  6. Even though wombats are obviously marsupials, and I’m female, my semi-degrading nickname in college was “Mies van der Rodent”.
  7. My favorite sport is Rugby, but I don’t have the physique for it.
  8. On weekends, you can find me moonlighting as a bouncer for local nightclubs. And we wombats take that term literally; our powerful posteriors are mostly cartilage and famous for driving away predators.
  9. A group of wombats is called a “Wisdom”, but you may want to wait until I’m a little more experienced before coming to me for architectural advice.
  10. My favorite spot in Dallas is the downtown tunnel system, because it reminds me of my home.
  11. Wombat excrement is cube-shaped. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a big part of why I love to build things and got into architecture.