Portrait of a GFFer: Sam Watkins


Meet Sam Watkins. Sam is a Project Leader who joined GFF in 2014 with 17 years of experience. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University and completed a research focused Master’s Degree in interdisciplinary design at the University of Cambridge. Read below for more about Sam!

  1. I started college as a chemistry major but couldn’t escape my childhood pastime of drawing buildings, regardless of the class I was in.
  2. As a back-country counselor at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, I supervised nightly burro races.
  3. I’m a fan of all kinds of fiction, but right now I’m deep into both the book and TV versions of The Expanse series.
  4. My extended family boasts 23 degrees from The University of Missouri, but I ended up at Auburn. I was bound to be some sort of tiger.
  5. I was the fastest folder of pizza boxes at the restaurant I worked at the summer after high school.
  6. In 2001, I introduced GFF alum and current Texas Monthly BBQ editor, Daniel Vaughn, to Texas barbecue with a lunch trip to the original Sonny Bryan’s on Inwood Road.
  7. I once performed at the Meyerson Symphony Ceneter. It was for a high school jazz band competition, but still…
  8. I’ve taken up cycling after some running injuries but still end up at the back of the pack.
  9. I’ve been through London many times. Even though the weather can be grim, it’s my favorite city.
  10. I hope this doesn’t jinx it, but I’ve never had a cavity!