Portrait of a GFFer: Rachel Paver

Meet Rachel Paver. Rachel is a native Texan that grew up in Houston. Being a big Astros fan, she was extremely excited to see them win the world series this year. Her and her boyfriend have lived in Dallas for a little over 2 years now and have loved their time in the Big D. See below for more about Rachel!

1. I received my undergraduates at The University of Texas San Antonio and my masters at the University of Houston with a concentration in sustainability.

2. Since a very young age I have loved playing music. I started playing piano and guitar when I was in middle school and I still enjoy playing today.

3. Staying active and being outside is something I have always loved. In my spare time I enjoy running outdoors. I have ran a total of three half marathons. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, if there is a spot I will play. I have done some unusual sports like Pole vaulting and even took lessons on hang-gliding.

4. I love learning new things. Recently I decided to try sowing by making an entire Halloween costume! I learned a lot but still have some ways to go before I can sow some real-life clothing.

5. My boyfriend and I have a 1979 Fiat Spider and we have been restoring it together. He is definitely the master mind behind the project but I enjoy learning about how things work. It is really rewarding to see the car start to look new again.

6. I LOVE to travel! I had the wonderful opportunity to travel abroad during my Masters to Northern Europe. During our travels we were the first group of study abroad students ever to spend the night in the Bauhaus. But whether it is a big abroad trip or a quick road trip I am always ready to go.

7. During my undergraduates I was part of the AIAS committee and was involved with a lot of volunteering efforts. I have been involved with historic preservation projects, Habitat for Humanity, and historic Green where we helped rebuild some of the homes damaged in Hurricane Katrina.

8. I absolutely love animals. I have a 7 year old dachshund who thinks he is human. I have already decided that when I retire I am going to have a miniature farm. My favorite animal of all is the giraffe, sadly those are not allowed on farms.