Portrait of a GFFer: Priscilla Almendariz

Meet Priscilla. Priscilla was born and raised in Dallas and just recently moved back from New York where she recieved her Master of Architecture from Syracuse University. She is currently a team member in the Planning Studio at GFF. Read below for more about Priscilla!

  1. I have been in school for architecture for twelve years. Four years at Skyline High School ‘10, four years at UTA ‘14, and four years at Syracuse ’18!
  2. My Master of Architecture thesis was testing the delocalization of walkability in larger cities in the US.
  3. I was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Medal from Syracuse University for serving as the graduate Senator for the School of Architecture for four years — I was surprised because I argued with the faculty and administration all the time!
  4. I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and after living in New York for four years, I learned I love the cold and the snow and now I am not used to Texas heat at all!
  5. My dog is a mini-Chihuahua and my dad named him Hercules!
  6. My mom is from Blackfoot, Idaho and my dad is from San Felipe, Guanajuato — so I get the best of Country and Mexican cooking!
  7. I love hiking! My goal is to hike as much as I can around the US—So far I’ve hiked in Oregon, Texas, New York, Tenessee, Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
  8. I love building models — my final thesis model at Syracuse was 4’ x 14’!
  9. My shoe collection is at about 127 pairs, although still growing!
  10. My favorite place in the world is Rotterdam in The Netherlands — If you’re ever in Rotterdam, visit the Luchtsingel Bridge and look for my name on one of the boards by the ZUS office!