Portrait of a GFFer: Mark Bowles


Meet GFF’s Landscape Architect Mark Bowles. Mark is a member of GFF Planning and is likely one of the nicest/friendliest people you will run into in or out of the office. From Mississippi to Dallas to San Antonio and back to Dallas, we are happy Mark landed at GFF. After reading his 10 fun facts below, we will all be eager to try some of his home cookin’!

1. Jana and I currently have two rescue dogs, Leela and Bagheera. We rescued them when they were both 9-weeks old and being siblings, they are totally inseparable.  If Bagheera’s name sounds a bit familiar, it comes from a Disney movie.

2. I was born in Winchester Tennessee. But before I turned one, my parents moved back to Mississippi and raised me in a town called Columbus. Columbus’s claim to fame is that it was the birthplace of author Tennessee Williams and is where Memorial Day originated.

3.   Believe it or not, I am a bit of a gear head. With my last car (Mazdaspeed 3) I re-tuned it, added a few goodies and was pushing about 300 horsepower out of it before I sold it. Had some fun drag races in that car!!

4. Somehow and based on reviews by my friends and family, I have become a pretty freaking good cook. I think my top dish so far has been a crab and shrimp dish sautéed in a saffron sauce. Very simple but very good!!

5. I met my wonderful and beautiful wife Jana here in Dallas. We were actually friends for several years before we ever started dating. We were married on the beach in Key West Florida in 2005 and have already had a very eventful (almost) ten years of marriage with us leaving Dallas, moving to Atlanta, then to San Antonio, and now back to Dallas.

6. I have a weird fear of heights. Here is why it is weird, I love flying, will ride any rollercoaster out there, and have been parasailing. But, me and balconies, building roofs, etc. that exceed about three-stories do not get along very well.

7. I was a lifeguard, swim instructor, and helped train other lifeguards for seven years. I saved four people and one of those saves was actually two people at the same time. That was not fun.

8. When I was younger, I played soccer, baseball, tennis, and football. I actually scored three goals with my head during my high school soccer career.

9. Speaking of flying, I had big aspirations of going in to the military to become a pilot. But my eyes were not quite strong enough. I do plan on getting my pilots license at some point.

10. I’m an only child…but was never spoiled.