Portrait of a GFFer: Mariah Trevizo

Meet Mariah Trevizo. She attended the University of Kansas where she completed the 5-year Master’s program in Architecture and is now a Team Member in Lawrence Cosby’s studio. When she is not in the office you can find her baking birthday cakes or other tasty treats!

  1. Born and raised in Kansas City, MO and didn’t live anywhere else until moving here to Dallas. Minus internships in Denver and Paris.
  2. Throughout college I worked as a baker in a small cupcake shop in Lawrence, so I have some sweet baking skills (pun intended).
  3. People think I’m crazy for doing this, but during the week I like to get up early
    (like 4:30 am, I know crazy) and go for a run to start my day off right. Training for my second half marathon in December!
  4. I’m a black belt in Karate, so watch out.
  5. Had the amazing opportunity to spend my last year of school in Paris where I took classes for the first semester and spent the second semester interning at the office of Odile Decq.
  6. Been to 9 countries and counting! Traveling to Istanbul was probably the most incredible trip I’ve taken so far.
  7. Best day of my life was taking a trip to Chicago by myself to see my favorite artist, Shakira, live in concert. Walked in with a ticket to a seat in the upper most level and ended up getting a 5th row floor seat!
  8. Grew up spending most of my summers visiting my family from Chihuahua, Mexico, which is where we got two of my family dogs from. And yes, we brought home a Chihuahua from Chihuahua.
  9. Got lost in the rainforest in Puerto Rico with my cousin once. We weren’t trusted to go anywhere by ourselves for the rest of that trip….
  10. Played the violin since I was in Fifth grade, although it’s been a while since I’ve picked it back up.