Portrait of a GFFer: Laura Eder

Meet Laura Eder, formerly known as Laura Foster. Laura recently celebrated her 1-year wedding anniversary and will celebrate her 4th GFF anniversary next month. She is passionate about everything from architecture to raising money for the American Cancer Society and especially her friends, family and KU!  Laura is a member of Lawrence Cosby’s studio. Read her 10 fun facts below!

  1. I was born in St. Louis, MO and most of my family still lives there.
  1. I was a competitive swimmer from age 5 through high school and almost went to college for swimming, but chose Architecture instead.
  1. I was a lifeguard, swim instructor, and water aerobics instructor. I love being in a swimming pool.
  1. I met my wonderful husband on a study abroad trip for the school of Architecture at KU in Berlin, Germany. He attended KU too, we had just not met before!
  1. I was part of the Studio 804 program at KU and designed and built a house with 16+ other students. I love building and making things.
  1. I am very passionate about sustainable design and during my free time at KU, I helped design and build a 5,200 SF rain garden that houses over 2,500 native plants.
  1. My husband, Jared and I have one adorable cat named Izzy. We adopted her from a past GFF co-worker’s friend.
  1. I am very sarcastic, probably too sarcastic.
  1. I am known in the office to have a very clean desk, almost too clean. Clutter makes me nervous.
  2. I love hugs!