Portrait of a GFFer: Justin Sparks

GFF Planning studio member Justin Sparks is this week’s Portrait of a GFFer. Justin joined GFF nearly 2.5 years ago and recently became our newest registered Landscape Architect. Justin is a father of three who can count Terry Bradshaw among his celebrity encounters! I think we’d all like to hear more about that story. Read more about this born and bred Texan below!

  1. Texas born and bred, I grew up in deep east TX, went to school in west TX, got my first job in south-ish Texas, and…ok you get it.
  2. Growing up in the trees, I could likely be found hunkered down in a fort, face deep in The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.
  3. I’m a chicken when it comes to roller coasters, but will gladly do a back flip off of my roof.  Not sure how that worked out.
  4. I love music, sports, art and family.
  5. I met my super-hot wife after one week at Texas Tech University.  We are completely opposite of one another, and I love that!…most of the time.
  6. A few hobbies I enjoy are Amelia, Siena and Jack…our three beautiful children.  Let me know if you ever want to borrow one.
  7. We spend much of our time serving at 121 Community Church…love that place!
  8. My passion for creativity and design has been there from day one.  Still not sure where it came from…maybe Robinson Crusoe.
  9. Once upon a random time, my wife and I spent an entire day with Terry Bradshaw.  If you don’t know who that is…you should.
  10. I currently drive a minivan.