Portrait of a GFFer: Josh Frederick


Meet Josh Frederick. Josh was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, where he later attended the University of Kansas. Josh moved to Dallas immediately after graduating and began his career at GFF in 2013. Read below for more about Josh!

  1. I lived in Paris for a month during study abroad, and managed to ride every single one of the city’s many Metro lines at least once while exploring.
  2. I’ve traveled to all 48 continental US states and an ever-growing number of national parks. It’s my goal to hit all 50 states by the time I turn 30.
  3. I played the saxophone for a good 8 years, including a stint in both the KU saxophone studio and men’s basketball band. Yes, I learned how to play “Careless Whisper.” No, I will not play it for you.
  4. KU basketball is basically my religion. I make a pilgrimage to see a game at Allen Fieldhouse, the most sacred of basketball venues, at least once a year.
  5. I’m a huge movie nerd. I love to track down quality under-the-radar films and recommend them to friends and family, but I also appreciate the fun of a good popcorn movie. I usually see around 45-50 different movies in theaters per year – my personal record is 56!
  6. As a kid, I dreamed of being a marine biologist…despite growing up over 600 miles from the ocean. Even though I abandoned that dream in favor of architecture, I still act like a wide-eyed kid whenever I go to an aquarium.
  7. I’ve met Giancarlo Esposito, A.K.A. Gus Fring from Breaking Bad. He’s much better at the “don’t mess with me” face than I am (see picture above).
  8. I love random geography facts. For example, did you know Maine is actually the closest US state to Africa? Or that Istanbul is as far north as New York City? My brain has a special compartment for this kind of interesting but useless information.
  9. I have a dog named Bruno. He is objectively the best dog in the world. I refuse to hear any arguments to the contrary.
  10. I’ve eaten Thai takeout from Crushcraft about once a week since it opened in early 2014.