Portrait of a GFFer: John Roché

Meet John Roché. John is a Project Coordinator in Jeff Good’s studio. In his free time you can find him playing a round of golf or taking a boxing class. He has some fun facts, so read more below!

1. Born in Denver, CO. Raised in Southwest Michigan. From there I lived in the US Virgin Islands for a year and a half, followed by 8 years in Chicago. (Cubbies, Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls fan.) And despite my Alma Mater, I’m a huge Notre Dame Football fan as well. Go Irish! (Sorry Longhorns.)

2. Was a State Champion track runner twice in High School on the 4x100m relay. I also played football and wrestled.

3. I’ve been held up at gunpoint a few times in Chicago. So the track running came in handy!

4. My zen place is anywhere by the water.

5. Had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona during my graduate school days. From there, I was able to tour San Sebastian, Bilbao, Madrid, Florence, Rome, Dublin and The Netherlands, where I spent some time with my cousin who lives there. I have also travelled throughout the Caribbean, Alaska and Hawaii.

6. Love to wakeboard. Probably not going Pro any time soon though!

7. Grilling with charcoal is a passion and a way of life.

8. I once bagged Muhammad Ali’s groceries and carried them out to his car. I also shook President Jimmy Carter’s hand on an airplane from LAX to ATL.

9. Bartended at a great beachside restaurant/bar on St.Croix after working days in an architectural firm.
Bartended at a great Italian restaurant in Chicago after working construction all day. (so I’ll happily make you a drink after work.)

10. I have broken my nose more times than I care to share.