Portrait of a GFFer: Jillian Brooks

Portrait of a GFFer is back and this week we are featuring Jillian Brooks. Jillian is a member of Lawrence Cosby’s studio and has been with GFF for nearly three years. A former Disneyland Micky Mouse, this intern architect is passionate about Habitat for Humanity and helping animals in need. She has no shortage of interests and we are pretty sure she could compete with GFF’s most adventurous folks. Read more about one of the two GFF Jillians below.

1.  I lived in a strawbale hut for a semester in grad school.  I had 4 scorpion invasions and a resident pack rat.

2.  My second summer job in college was as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Stitch, and Mushu.  It was Disneyland’s 50th anniversary so as Mickey I wore a bedazzled suit.  As Mushu I wore dragon feet the size of snorkeling flippers.

3.  I once helped 300 Danish architecture students tour Taliesin West.  They arrived in a long column of RV’s.  For context, Taliesin West had about 35 students at the time.

4.  After college I worked in Austin for Habitat for Humanity.  We built 20 houses over a year, and I only broke off two rear view mirrors and put one rather large hole in a bathtub.

5. I volunteer at a dog and cat rescue, Operation Kindness in Carrolton, where I get to be mauled by puppies every week, it’s the best.

6. I walked a pilgrimage route, the Camino, from Leon to Santiago, Spain.  It took approximately 9 days and 72 blisters.

7. Before moving to Dallas I lived in a small mining town in northern California working with an architecture firm that specialized in cohousing, an association of separate homes that share common spaces, similar to the Danish Bofællesskabe.  One part of cohousing is the occasional community meal, which is how I ended up making fried green tomatoes for 40 people.

8.  I was a photography intern at my college’s museum where I photographed 90% of the collection, thereby working myself out of a job.  Now I take photographs for my Dad’s antique business, which gives me the excuse to fly to San Diego ‘for work’.

9.  One of my work study jobs in grad school was restoring the drafting studio roof at Taliesin West.  Seeing as the roof was constructed mainly of acrylic panels, my main qualification was weighing under 100lbs.

10.  I make a mean mini chicken and waffles.