Portrait of a GFFer: Jeremy Roehr



Meet Jeremy Roehr. Jeremy has been with GFF for just under four years and is a Project Leader in Stephen Pickard’s Church studio. He was recently licensed and is now enjoying his new found free time running Katy Trail and learning to cook without a microwave. If you are thinking “Hey! He looks like SNL star Andy Samberg.” you’re not alone, he gets stopped about twice a month with that one. Also, look at that awesome SketchUp inspired Halloween costume!

  1. I was born and raised in St Louis, Mo and had never even visited Texas before my GFF interview. (However my family almost moved to Texas 3 different times growing up because of my father’s Work.) It might be fate
  2. My favorite thing about Dallas besides the weather is all the delicious restaurants.
  3. I am a diehard KU Jayhawk basketball fan and watch almost every game.
  4. In college I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Paris, France and intern in a French Architectural firm. I got to work on high design European projects and traveled as much as I could on the weekends. It was an all-around unforgettable experience except for every one of my coworkers smoking IN the office… C’est la vie
  5. I have a collection of soccer scarfs from all the countries I have traveled to. I love traveling so I look forward to colleting even more.
  6. Even though I am fairly tall (6’5”) I am terrified of heights.
  7. I decided at the age of 6 I was going to be either an architect or a professional athlete. Still holding out for that call up from the St. Louis Cardinals.
  8. In high school my nickname was Jerry. It started when my basketball coach was screaming so loudly his voice cracked and it sounded more like Jerry than Jeremy. Too many people still call me this
  9. I am the youngest of 4 with 1 brother and 2 sisters and love being an Uncle to my 3 adorable nieces and 2 awesome nephews. (And another TBD in April!)
  10. I know how to roll / make sushi thanks to my high school job at a Japanese restaurant.