Portrait of a GFFer: Jennifer Workman

Meet Jennifer Workman. Jennifer has been with GFF for over 10 years and is a member of Tammy Chambless’ studio. When Jennifer isn’t working you can most likely find her gardening different vegetables, she says her secret is Olla Pot, or at one of her many volunteer gigs: Girl Scouts as a STEM mentor and Cookie Box Creation, Family Place a non-profit for people in abusive relationships, Great Dane Rescue helps place Great Danes in new homes, East Lake Pet Orphanage is a non-profit no kill veterinary clinic that helps find animals homes, and State Fair of Texas Raffle raises money for kids to go to college.

Another exciting fact about Jennifer is that she is running for a new national AIA position called the At-Large Director. She will be voted on by all of the AIA Chapter Presidents in the world. This is a great opportunity! Here is her speech.

  1. I went to a very small (my graduating class was 20) private school in San Antonio from Kindergarten all the way through 12th Apparently it was such a good school that the Washington Post just ranked it #1 as the most challenging high school in the nation! http://apps.washingtonpost.com/local/highschoolchallenge/schools/2015/list/private/
  2. My dad was a legitimate rock star. When the Allman Brothers split in 1976, the lead guitarist started a new band called Dicky Betts and Great Southern. My dad was the pianist in his band. He even toured with Miami Vice’s Don Johnson.
  3. I am half Cuban. My mom was born in Havana but grew up in New York City and then Miami where she met my dad. They moved to San Antonio so my grandparents could help watch me when my dad was touring. I also have a 33 year old brother who is a musician and a ten year old brother who is in 5th grade and wants nothing to do with music.
  4. I am a huge believer in rescuing animals and at one point I had 6 pets! 2 were blue Great Dane fosters, 2 beagles, 1 coonhound, and a cat. I now have a two pet maximum rule! Now it’s just London my coonhound and Frasier my tabby cat.
  5. I ran the 2006 New York Marathon. Well, I should say I finished the New York Marathon….
  6. My husband Beau and I like to travel. For our honeymoon last year we went to South Africa. We went to Victoria Falls, pet a lion and went on a shark cage dive. It was the best trip we have ever taken.  This year we went to Paris.
  7. I worked in Morphosis’ office on the Perot Museum through design and then on the construction site while it was being built. It was for about four years and I lived in Santa Monica for half of it.
  8. I won the 2013 national AIA Young Architect Award. As a result of winning, at the national convention I got to introduce Thom Mayne for his Gold Medal Award, the highest honor the AIA gives.
  9. In high school I competitively speed skated on rollerblades and was also a catcher for my school softball team.
  10. I tried to be a vegetarian for several years, but my love for bacon pulled me back.