Portrait of a GFFer: Jason Hoyt

Meet Jason Hoyt. This Texas Tech grad is a Project Coordinator in Tammy Chambless’ studio. Jason has been with GFF for just under 2 years and when he’s not working you can find him working on house renovations with his fiancé Erica or playing with their cute pup, Stella. Read more about Jason below! (How adorable is fact number 2?)

  1. I’ve been over 6′ tall since 6th grade, but I stopped growing at 9th grade and I was a state ranked Jazz Bassist in High School.
  2. I am the son of an Air Force B-1 Bomber Pilot who joined the Air Force after watching Top Gun on a date with my mom.
  3. I wanted to be a professional baseball player until I broke my throwing arm in 10th grade and I couldn’t quite throw the same way.
  4. My family only owns Golden Retrievers, 5 in all.
  5. I was born in California, moved to Louisiana, Kansas then to Texas by 5 years old. Stayed in Abilene, TX until my senior year of college then my parents moved to Granbury and haven’t been back to Abilene since.
  6. I bought a house in Richardson back in October that I am renovating with my fiancé, Erica Peters, and we are getting married October 10th in McKinney.I would call myself an amateur carpenter, with product design as a passion of mine. You can see a lamp I designed on my desk right now.
  7. I helped work on Texas Tech’s Sustainable Cabin which was on the cover of January/February 2015 issue of Texas Architect. I helped lay the flagstone for the patio, adjust the gutter system for the water reclamation system and I had helped with the making all of the furniture within the cabin itself.
  8. I am a New England Patriot’s fan, weirdly I know, but I have been one since 2001 I am not a band wagoner.
  9. I’ve experience GFF designs before I even knew of GFF in Abilene, with Frontier Texas, The Windsor Hotel where I had a couple winter formals at in high school and the Circuit City that was THE place to shop…  until Best Buy came in and ran them out of town…
  10. I fell in love with Architecture as a child. No, it’s not a typical Lego story, but growing up we had a large open field in our backyard where my friends and I would play, then a developer bought the land as an addition to our subdivision. As they added more and more homes, the field was getting smaller and smaller, then completely gone. When I couldn’t throw the ball with my friends anymore I decided to walk among the frameworks of the houses, trying to understand the arrangement and layout of spaces through this skeletal structure. Then I began noticing how Abilene was full of typical/boring big box stores and lacked in innovation. Because of the lack of these experiences I have always wanted to help create the environment around me, to make it a more engaging one, and provide the experience that I didn’t receive for everyone who is striving for it.