Portrait of a GFFer: Isaac Robinson

Meet Isaac Robinson, a Project Architect and member of Scott Sower’s studio. Isaac, a grad of UT Arlington, has been with GFF for just over a year now and I don’t think I’ve seen him without a smile on his face. Read below for his 10 fun facts! P.S. – Check out those food pictures… He MADE that!

  1. I worked as a land surveyor throughout much of my college life and had my fair share of crawling through creeks and walking through fields. I later moved into the office, out of the elements and began drawing.
  2. I’m the 2nd of five, with two brothers and two sisters. When we all get together it’s always a blast!
  3. I really enjoy cooking…especially cooking on backpacking trips. Just no recipes, please.
  4. I raced mountain bikes on the state circuit for several years early and while I still ride a lot of trails now it’s just for the thrill.
  5. I enjoy anything outdoors! The woods, especially the mountains, are like a reset button for me.
  6. I speak enough Spanish to be dangerous.
  7. My travels include Mexico, England, Spain, Colombia and India. India was far and away the most exotic destination.
  8. The Menil Museum by Renzo Piano is one of my favorite buildings.
  9. If I wasn’t an architect I’d like to build furniture…or cook.
  10. I dream of hiking across the country at least once.