Portrait of a GFFer: Grant Wickard

Meet Grant Wickard. Grant has been with GFF since 2003 with only 18 current employees starting before that time. He went to Baylor for undergrad and studied Architecture as a cooperative program with Wash U in St. Louis. He later finished graduate school at UTA. When he’s not working, you can find him spending time with his adorable family or running marathons! Read more about Grant below..

  1. My first name is Gilmore…it’s a family name. I always hated the first day of school when teachers would call roll. Thanks dad.
  1. Met my wife in the AIA Emerging Leaders class of 2010- she was Perkins+Will’s representative. Who says the AIA can’t change your life? Thank you, Larry for the nomination!
  1. In the fall, I can’t help but try to step on every acorn or pecan I see when walking on sidewalks.
  1. Ran my first marathon (White Rock) in 2011. I met my goal time qualified for the Boston race in 2013. #bostonstrong
  1. Was blessed with the cutest little curly headed boy in the world 12 months ago. You’ll never realize how much love your parents have for you until you’ve loved a child of your own 🙂
  1. I still have three containers full of Legos in the shed. I have been looking forward to the day that they’re no longer a choking hazard so Coen and I can play!
  1. Grew up swimming competitively year-round from the age of 8-18. Was a High School All-American, but retired the speedo soon after. In 1986 I was the Ohio state champion wrestler in 45lb weight class.
  1. Slow drivers are my biggest pet peeve….and I won’t hesitate to honk if you don’t use your turn signal. I’m getting better, though….I think.
  1. Went to Portugal for a studio class while at UTA. Lost my passport the first night. Amazing trip, though!
  1. Since the 2nd grade, every time I brush my teeth, I close the routine saying to myself (and brushing), “Up like a rocket, down like the rain. Back-and-forth like a choo choo train!”