Portrait of a GFFer: Christa Michaels

Meet Christa. Christa is a Wisconsin native who moved to South Carolina to attend Clemson University (Go Tigers!), where she received a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture. Christa joined the GFF Landscape team in February of 2017. Read below for more about Christa!

1)  I will be forever loyal to the Green Bay Packers.

2)  My study abroad semester in Italy taught me that it is perfectly acceptable to eat pizza, pasta, and drink red wine every day.

3)  I’m a 25-year-old granny who likes to do yarn crafts in her fuzzy slippers.

4)  I’ve run into a tree on the Katy Trail because I was too busy looking at a cute puppy to watch where I was going.

5)  I have a very expensive neon Nike running shoes habit.

6)  No, I did not play basketball; I actually got one of my baby teeth knocked out by one in first grade and we haven’t gotten along        since then.

7)  Bad puns make me excessively happy.

8)  I love thunderstorms, but there’s nothing I hate more than being rained on.

9)  Gerbera daisies are my favorite flower because they’re so cheerful.

10)  As a proper Wisconsinite, I consider cheese to be a separate food group.