Portrait of a GFFer: Chris Andersen

Meet Associate Principal and member of Lawrence Cosby’s studio, Chris Andersen. Chris has been with GFF for 18 years! When he’s not traveling to his favorite city of Rome or country of Japan, you can find him at his favorite Dallas spot – White Rock Lake. This guy is full of interesting facts.

  1. I first moved to Texas in 1982 because my uncle was associate dean of the College of Fine Arts at UT Austin.
  2. In middle school, we moved to a brand new subdivision with a lot of homes still under construction. I swept up at the jobsites for a summer in a swap with the developer for a beat up copy he had of “The Natural House”, my first architectural book.
  3. I’ve traveled to 32 countries, including the People’s Republic of China and Poland. On my first trip to Japan, I was served a live fish for dinner.  “Very fresh sashimi…”, they said.  I also received a standing ovation for my karaoke rendition of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” on that trip.
  4. I went to graduate school 11 years after I finished my undergraduate degree.
  5. I helped design one of the first CAD to Ray-Tracing rendering software interfaces in 1990.
  6. I lived in France for 2 years. The day before I was to move back to the states, I realized I hadn’t made any arrangements to sell my junky car.  So I drove it to the airport the next day, parked in short term parking, and boarded my flight back to the US.  I haven’t been back to France since.
  7. My cat is named for one of my favorite movie characters, O-ren Ishii from Kill Bill, because they are both international ninja assassins…she was born in Canada.
  8. I ride my black Triumph Speed Triple every chance I get, and hold a personal best speed record of 114 mph on Highway 114…I liked the numerical alliteration.
  9. I worked in a power tool repair shop every school holiday and summer starting my sophomore year in high school through sophomore year in college. I can do a full tear-down rebuild of a 7-1/4” worm drive circular saw in 20 minutes flat.
  10. I’m highly allergic to kiwi fruit.