Portrait of a GFFer: Camille Vigil

Meet Camille. Camille is a student at UT Austin that has joined the GFF team as an Intern this summer. Although she enjoyed her time in Austin, Camille says she’s not sure if she could ever permanently move away from Dallas – She loves it here too much! GFF is happy to welcome her back to her native city. Read below for more about Camille!

  1. I went to Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and W.B. Travis Middle School, so I’m very familiar with this 5 or so block radius!
  2. In high school, I studied piano and was part of the Latin American Ensemble, where we were featured in Downbeat Magazine for winning Downbeat’s award for Best High School Latin American Ensemble in the country.
  3. I’ve played piano since I was 8 years old, mostly classical but a small bit of jazz and a lot of Latin music!
  4. My grandma lives next door to me so I love seeing her all the time, and as for extended family I have 44 cousins! (It’s fun having a big family until you have to buy over 40 Christmas presents every year)
  5. I love seeing my high school friends play Jazz gigs around Dallas whenever we’re all in Dallas. It’s also just cool to hear about the creative paths that many of my friends are taking in college given that I went to an arts high school!
  6. I love coffee – I’m not picky though, I usually drink cheap instant coffee at home, which my grandma actually got me hooked on as a little kid!
  7. I’m half Mexican-American but I don’t speak fluent Spanish, my grandma speaks Spanish to me a lot at home and I respond in a Spanish/English combination. (Spanglish?) My last name is supposed to be pronounced “vee-HEEL” but somehow everyone in our family started saying it with the English pronunciation.
  8. I love all kinds of music! I love oldies and even rap – I saw Kanye West in concert last year and I’ve seen Paul McCartney in concert twice!
  9. I love riding my bike but it’s been harder to do so lately because I fractured my ankle last year! (I don’t recommend tripping down stairs)
  10. What I’m listening to: The Strokes – Anything by them!
  11. What I’m Reading: I’ve been wanting to read The Architecture of Happiness.


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