Portrait of a GFFer: Alix Rios

Meet Alix Rios, a UT Austin grad and member of the Interiors studio. Alix has been with GFF for just under two years.  She enjoys long walks on Katy Trail and watching The Bachelor fireside.. Just joking! She does like running Katy Trail and The Bachelor though. Read the rest of Alix’s fun facts below!

  1. Born and raised a Texan, I can’t see myself calling anywhere else home. Tacos, football rivalries, and blonde hair are just a few things I couldn’t live without.
  2. I am a lefty and TERRIFIED of scary movies! (This is supposedly correlated)
  3. Photography is a bucket-list hobby of mine. I have gradually acquired the equipment, now I just need to learn how to use it properly without relying on Photoshop to do the work.
  4. I have been electrocuted by 10,000 volts and swam through a pool of ice water in the same day.
  5. My AIM screen name growing up was Neatfreak1000. This should be no shock to those who know me.
  6. I’m in a book club, but I prefer to read wine labels.
  7. When selecting places I travel, it typically involves a beach….there really is no place I would rather be.
  8. I grew up with a Saint Bernard named Missy (Just like the movie Beethoven)
  9. My brother is a pilot, and I have a fear of flying.
  10. Interior Design became my passion by way of studying Art History as a teenager. The cultural impact of Gothic Cathedrals and the polarizing views of modern art drew me to the diverse field of design. It also helps that I enjoy to draw with squiggly lines.