Factory Six03 / Dallas, Texas

Interiors Studio

GFF Interiors, although engaged on a wide variety of projects has special expertise in corporate office interiors, fitness facilities, higher education, private schools, banks and retail. These projects range in size from small projects of less than 1,000 SF, to large complex corporate workplaces over 1,000,000 SF. Design and creative thinking are at the studio’s foundation, enabling us to offer each client a design which reflects their vision. The studio is collaborative, working in teams to enhance the project experience for our clients. GFF Interiors has a vast knowledge of workplace trends and strategies which is used to lead a client toward decisions about their space and achieve their goals. The studio works seamlessly with the architectural studios when the firm is engaged to work on both the shell and interiors of a project.

Emily Mendez

Associate + Director of Sustainability / Interior Design Leader

A black and white portrait of Emily Mendez, an Associate, the Director of Sustainability, and an Interior Design Leader with GFF in the Church Works Studio, in front of a white background.

Alix Rios

Associate Principal + Studio Director

A black and white portrait of Alix Rios, an Associate Principal and Studio Director with GFF in the Interior Design Studio, in front of a white background.