Pegasus Park Tower – A Center for Business and Social Impact

GFF had the pleasure of partnering with J. Small Investments and Lyda Hill Philanthropies to revive the former Mobil Oil tower into the pioneering Pegasus Park Tower.

The newly renovated Pegasus Park Tower consists of more than 500,000 square feet of office and amenity space that intentionally connects strategic business partners, social impact organizations, academic institutions, and biotech startups. Appropriately topped with the iconic Pegasus sign, this is not just another place to work – it is a place built for interaction, ingenuity, and the greater good. The team’s selfless mission to further Dallas as a leader in innovation will position this once vacant building and surrounding campus as the largest impact investment of its kind in our region.

At the heart of this mission and Pegasus Park Tower lies the Water Cooler. No, not a drinking fountain.  Named after the opportune collisions over the proverbial water cooler known to foster community and improve productivity, the Water Cooler at Pegasus Park encompasses 150,000 square feet devoted to select nonprofit and social impact tenants.  This social impact hub offers unique office space that varies from a co-working style environment to uniquely designed headquarters to meet the needs of each organization. GFF worked individually with each tenant to design their future home with care and sophistication.  The hope is the Water Cooler will inspire partnerships to better our community and stir natural collaboration.

The Dallas nonprofit sector is becoming one of the most effective in the nation, and Pegasus Park is the world-class work environment driven to make it happen.  A custom pendant in the lobby was designed to mimic the sound waves of activist Margaret Mead’s fitting quote “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Pegasus Park is determined to build a richly diverse tenant mix focused on a wide range of social issues on one hand, and on the other, attract entrepreneurs and industry leaders to fill the remainder of the newly renovated tower. Because of the planned life sciences research hub on campus, the proximity to the Medical District, and the Lyda Hill Foundation’s desire to further STEM education collaborations, many bio-sciences organizations are attracted to this building. GFF has completed the design for tenants such as UT Southwestern and Taysha Gene Therapies to name a few. Large, small, new, old, highly focused, or broad in scope – all are welcome.

The opportunity to be at the center of innovation and social impact appeals to companies seeking to attract and retain talent as well as to collaborate with Dallas’ top changemakers. We were careful to provide extensive amenities that promote this bold mission. Access to the state-of-the-art Conference Center, new café and coffee bar among other amenities creates a synergy among all tenants and encourages the exchange of ideas.  The café not only serves delicious chef-prepared meals to offset the lack of dining options offsite, but is also intended to serve as a “third place” working environment during off-hours. It was designed in a playful way and with biophilic design principles in mind to promote well-being and creative thinking.

The building’s centralized conference facilities contain over 14,000 SF of training and conference rooms sized for small groups to events of over 400 people. These conference rooms offset the need for multiple private in-suite meeting rooms that may go largely unused. The flexible and technologically state-of-the-art meeting, event, and work-friendly gathering spaces with comfortable seating and cheerful finishes allow tenants to get to know one another and to build a sense of community.

While the vision for Pegasus Park reaches for the stars, the project itself is grounded in a park-like setting filled with outdoor gathering areas, tree lined walkways, and dynamic art installations.  Directly off the northern building lobby rests an elevated outdoor terrace with a variety of seating areas and games for breaks from work or larger social events. This connection with nature provides tenants a beneficial retreat from the office, as well as access to much-needed natural light and fresh air to relax and unwind.  This connection to the outdoors carries through the entire building via unmatched views of the surrounding area and downtown. Pegasus Park Tower stands as a new beacon for innovation in Dallas.