On My Own Time 2013

Building on the successes of our 2012 show, we were eager at GFF to participate once again in the North Texas Business Council for the Arts “On My Own Time” program in the summer of 2013, our second annual! This year’s show featured even more pieces than the year prior, and we even had some contributions in the ‘culinary arts’ from our resident architect-pastry chef Jim West. We were excited to showcase our exhibit at Life in Deep Ellum in partnership with the Mokah Coffee Lounge, which fostered an active and public space in which the work was featured. The reception event was held the final night of the gallery, and was again a very enjoyable celebration of GFFer’s talents with supreme food and drink. If there was a category at the regional show for best parties, I have no doubt that GFF would take the prize.

NTBCA assigned to us another wonderful and accomplished juror this year: local artist Kristin Markham. Kristin was in the real estate business in a former life (so she speaks some of our language!) and has in more recent years concentrated her efforts on creating and developing some fantastic artwork professionally. Working primarily in paintings and prints, her work is available directly through her personal website or there is work hung at Mecox Gardens.

Kristin (as well as the reception guests) selected the following pieces to move on to the regional exhibit at Northpark Mall:


First Place Winners by Category (Judges’ selections):

Works on Canvas:            Sasha/Ari/Irina – Lena Starostine

Works on Paper:              On a Contemporary Global Culture – Ryan Flener

                                                    Road to Lawrence – Jeff Good

Color Photography:         When is it Art: Spill– Blake Thames

Enhanced Photo.:            PROGRESSIONS– Jeremy Roehr

Sculpture:                           Cyclo NONO – Luis Escobar

                                                  77 IPA’s – Jared White

Metal/Jewelry:                Ring Box w/ Rings – Loren Boynton

Mixed Media:                    20,000 Leagues – Ted Vitale

Best in Show:                    Creepy People IV – David Farrell

People’s Choice Award (as voted by GFF/guests):

People’s Choice:              20,000 Leagues—Ted Vitale

 Once again we were floored by the talented GFFer’s and their outstanding work. We see the high level of skill and ardor that these bring to the workplace every day, and had the very high bar set with last year’s show, so to produce an exhibition with all new work (more pieces than the year before) and still be blown away by it is something special! There is a lot of work that goes into the event beyond the toils of the artists themselves, and we are just so appreciative of all the efforts of everybody who makes this gallery so enjoyable. Can’t wait to see what we come up with next year!