On My Own Time 2012

In conjunction with the firm’s 30th anniversary, GFF was looking for ways to not only reminisce over the imprint we’ve had on the region over the years with our work, but also to celebrate the creativity and artistic passions of our wonderful employees. The North Texas Business Council for the Arts’ “On My Own Time” is an annual, regional competition that showcases the individual talents of corporations’ employees outside of the office, and though GFF has been involved as a corporate member with the council for many years we had never participated. With our longstanding relationship with the NTBCA, we were very excited to participate in this program for the first time in 2012!

We were graced with two wonderful and accomplished judges by the NTBCA to jury the works and select pieces to move on to the regional show at Northpark. Jean Miller is Associate Dean of Administration in the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas (UNT) and has also held positions at Towson University, Marshall University, and East Tennessee State University. She has shown her own work in many museum and gallery exhibitions over the years and continues to paint. Elizabeth Simon is an adjunct professor with the Dallas County Community Colleges and has taught at Richland, Eastfield, and Brookhaven Colleges. Her background is in art history, and before starting her teaching career she managed and curated exhibitions for the Dallas Museum of Art.

Following the jury, we held a gallery reception to support the talented artists at GFF, as well as enjoy some food and drinks in celebration! The reception was at the gallery itself, which was in a showroom in the Dallas Design District. Our judges (and guests) selected the following works to move on and be shown in a public gallery at Northpark Mall:

First Place Winners by Category (Judges’ selections):
Works on Canvas:            Conference Call – David Farrell

Works on Paper:              Centennial Nevada – Ryan Flener

Penncove Bay – Jeff Good

Color Photography:        Garden – Joe Patti

Computer Art:                   Been There|Where We Are|It’s Really Green Outside|

                                                  You Do Have Some Rough Edges|

                                                 This Is What Happened When I Dropped It – Lawrence Cosby

Sculpture:                           Path – Abby Branch

Five Senses – Tammy Chambless

Ceramics and Wood:      Vase 1 – Grant Wickard

Metal/Jewelry:                 Fireplace Tools – Lindsay Brisko

Mixed Media:                     Alva – Russell Hagg

Textiles/Fiber Art:           Cola Couture – Emily Noble

Best in Show:             Five Senses – Tammy Chambless

People’s Choice Award (as voted by GFF/guests):

People’s Choice:         St. Mont Michel – Holly Farrell


We were extremely impressed with the work of our coworkers, demonstrating the rigor and passion that we see from them every day and extending their creativity and skill beyond the office walls.  Besides being very complimentary on the work itself, we were also very flattered with the general feedback from our judges about the show:

“Wow, this is a full and varied exhibition. The space and installation show the artworks well…This is an impressive exhibition throughout and all works are of a high and competitive quality”

“The exhibition is exceptional. The installation, lighting, placement of works, matting and framing are professionally done and made it easy to examine each work. Top rate!”

“The formalized gallery—neat, organized, and at eye level no less—looks very professional, and makes our job easy. We’re used to seeing displays in office hallways and spaces that can sometimes look thrown together. We appreciate the quality and are very impressed.”

“Frankly, this gallery is stunning. The overall composition and level of work is head and shoulders above ones I’ve judged in the past, and it looks quite professional. A lot of care went into the show, and it’s evident.”


We consider the program and gallery event  a huge success—widely well-received by GFFer’s and colleagues/family/friends alike—and we hope to make this event a staple of GFF culture for years to come!