Meet Marissa Flanagan

GFF Interiors welcomed another new hire last week. Meet University of Arkansas graduate Marissa Flanagan. Read her Q&A below…

1. As a Dallas native, what is your favorite neighborhood in the metroplex?

To be honest, I mostly stayed within the Plano bubble- but as I am getting ready to move south into Dallas territory I am slowly learning that quite a few of them are pretty great!

2. Where did you travel as a student of design? what space / building impressed you the most?

At the University of Arkansas we actually traveled quite a lot- we came here to Dallas, St. Louis, Little Rock, New York… pretty lucky! I’m always intrigued by museums, my favorite is the Guggenheim- it’s a great example of just how much impact architecture and the interiors have on each other.

3. Name three albums you can’t get enough of.

I like pretty much all music genres- but I would have to say anything from Rascal Flatts, “Native” from OneRepublic and (of course) “Beyonce.”

4. What do you like to do when you aren’t interior designin’?

I really enjoy painting and spending time outside, such as walking or swimming. I also like to cook- even though I’m closer to ‘moderate’ on the skill level!

5a . Frank Lloyd Wright or Corbusier? Frank Lloyd Wright.
5b . Fruits or Vegetables? Veggies!
5c . Aquarium or the Zoo? Zoo.
5d . The newspaper or news on the internet? Internet.
5e . Exposed structure or beautifully detailed ceilings? Both…
5f . Wood or exposed concrete? Exposed concrete.
5g . Dallas or Ft. Worth? Dallas!