Karen Quick Honored with CAF Training!

It’s no secret that in 2013 GFF was ranked#1 in Architect Magazine’s “Top 50 in Business,” a portion of The Architect 50 annual survey, and much of that had to do with the work of our CFO, Karen Quick. She has been with the office since the doors opened in 1982 and has been a leader to nearly every GFFer since. She currently serves as a Principal, but having good business sense for GFF is only part of her story.

Karen recently completed her Certified Advanced Facilitator (CAF) training at the University of Phoenix.  The training is by invitation only and it’s not something anyone can apply for – the University seeks out professors who have at least five years of tenure, have taught more than 45 classes and who consistently have good student and faculty reviews among other things.  It consisted of a month long,  intensive study of methodologies to become a better teacher in the online classroom environment.

Way to go Karen!