Going Back to the 1st Grade

The first grade classes of Cottonwood Creek Elementary School are currently in the middle of a 2D and 3D shapes course, and who better to talk to about three-dimensional shapes in the real world than an architect! Following a trip the four classes took to the Perot museum earlier this week, I stopped by the Coppell school to speak with not only my mother’s class, but the rest of the first grade students as well.

I covered the basic job of a typical architect and how the shapes and concepts in their lessons related to the work GFF performs in the office every day. The children were ecstatic to see both pictures and renderings of the projects GFF has completed and is currently working on. I answered an array of questions from the curious tykes ranging from “who actually builds the building,” to “can you put a cylinder in a house if you wanted to,” to “well, what if everything goes wrong?” Needless to say, the kids’ thirst for knowledge was never-ending, as I had to cut the presentations short each time, leaving numerous tiny hands in the air.

The passion to learn about everything humanly possible is one seen mostly in our much younger generations today, and is always an absolute joy to witness in person. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to teach the kids a little about the world of architecture, and cannot wait until the next time I can jump back into a classroom full of eager minds.