GFF’s Newest Receptionist: Meet Victoria!

Meet Victoria, GFF’s newest receptionist! Victoria is an Abilene native who attended Abilene Christian University, but before receiving her degree, spent a semester studying Musical Theatre through Syracuse University’s Tepper Program in New York City. When she is not managing the front desk, you can find Victoria at musical rehearsal, teaching dance class or enjoying the nice weather on the Katy Trail. Read below for more about Victoria!

…Delivery or Dine-In? Dine in! You get to dress up and people watch!

…Dog or Cat? I love sweet cats that like to cuddle, but I also know some really mean cats so I guess a dog in that situation.

…Big Party or Small Gathering? I love both but prefer small gatherings because it’s easier for conversation. You get to know people one on one and there is not as much “small talk”.

…Amusement Park or Day at the Beach? Is this really a question?? Day at the beach! Lines and screaming, tired kids are not my thing.

…Mind or Body? Mind always! Start talking about art and history and I’m hooked.

…Tea or Coffee? Coffee wins. And Starbucks does not count. It is not real coffee if you have to put tons of sugar and milk in it to taste good.

…Play or Musical? Musical to perform, play to watch. Ask me about the Tony nominations!

…Work on a Team or Work Alone? Depends on the project. I’m part introverted and extroverted so sometimes there really are too many cooks in the kitchen.

…Memorial Day or St. Patrick’s Day? St. Patrick’s Day!!! Put me in an awesome Irish Pub and I’m a happy girl. I have a great Irish dialect if you would like to hear it.

…Salty or Sweet? Salty for food. Sweet for personality.