GFF Planning Welcomes Jeff Boyum

Jeff joined the GFF Planning team in July as a landscape architect in training.  Hailing from Wisconsin, he recently moved to East Dallas. He is always down for doing something fun and is eager to see what Dallas has to offer!  He was only here a few days and already became a fixture in the GFF social scene.  Welcome to the GFF family, Jeff!

We asked Jeff, would you rather..

…. live out of the country for 5 years without returning to the US or never leave the US again?

Live out of the country for five years. People can always come visit me wherever I am. (Preferably somewhere near the beach and in Europe)

…. have the mind or the body of a 25 year old for life?

The body because the mind learns over time and I could still do sweet tricks when I get old.

…. snow ski or water ski?

Snow Ski its faster and it gives you an adrenaline rush.

…. Eames lounger or Barcelona chair?

Barcelona Chair, classic in almost any setting.

…. Mac or PC?

Is this even a question? Mac!

…. one long vacation or several small ones?

Several small vacations all over the world.

…. see a concert or attend a play?

Attend a concert! Plays make me tired.

…. summer or winter? (Dallas’ only two seasons)

Summer. I’ve lived in Wisconsin most of my life they don’t call it the “Frozen Tundra” for nothing.

…. craft beer or red wine?

Craft Beer but leave the IPA’s for everyone else.

…. morning or night?

Morning because breakfast is the best meal!

…. House or luxury high rise?

High-rise with a view, a few bedrooms and a large balcony.