GFF Landscape Collaborates on Dallas Zoo Elephant Sculpture

Peter Busby, a well-known sculptor from Connecticut, designed two life-sized elephants sculptures that have been put on display alongside the well-known giraffe sculpture at the Dallas Zoo. The GFF Landscape team designed the surrounding .45 acres site and also assisted the Dallas Zoo with the overall project coordination.

This project was the result of a public art competition sponsored by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs. The City received over 250 submissions and GFF’s Duncan Fulton was part of the selection committee that reviewed the competition entries and made the final selection.

Busby’s signature steel-rod style sculpture stands at 11 feet tall, mimicking the approximate size of a real elephant. The trunks are intertwined to symbolize the loving bond between African elephants. The sculptures are also said to draw attention to the decision by the Zoo to let both elephants and giraffes intermingle among one another in the 4-year-old Giants of the Savanna habitat. See the newest additions in person near the main entrance of the Dallas Zoo.