GFF Interiors Learns to Pack a Punch!

GFF Interiors is used to tackling design challenges that arise, but after a self-defense class with fellow interior designers and host, Allsteel, we now have the skills to escape an attacker.  The class was taught by Chamberlain Studios and they brought the muscle and experience to share critical moves to get out from under an attacker’s hands.  Through real-life simulations, Reagan, Marissa and Alix learned how to break free from a choke hold, roll out from being pinned to the ground, but mostly gained the confidence to act during an assault.  Having never taken a self-defense or any martial arts style class, this information was invaluable, and provided the next level of safety advice and awareness. Thank you to Allsteel and Chamberlain studios for putting on this great class, and hopefully it inspired everyone to spread the word of the importance of learning how to protect yourself.