GFF Bark + Build 2019

GFF has had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Bark + Build for the past several years which is a doghouse and cat condo design/build competition between professional teams consisting of architects and contractors. This year we were able to team up with RO Construction to create a bar cart/doghouse in the Doggy Décor category, creating a furniture type piece for the owner to place in their home as something functional while also providing a shelter for the dog. The piece this year, called White Paw (bringing in a play on everyone’s favorite summer drink White Claw), is the perfect place for a dog to lounge while mixing up your favorite cocktail! The enveloping wood tower merges the forms of two of your bar cart must haves – the wine decanter and your favorite spiked seltzer! The large void space at the bottom of the seltzer shape is the perfect area to place the dog’s bed to lounge and sleep in. The sinuous curves of the joint forms provide the perfect design to place in multiple areas of your living space, allowing the dog to always be next to the owner. Our doghouse is currently on display at NorthPark Center across from J. Crew/Tommy Bahama near the east court. All doghouses are currently up for bid and once auctioned off all the proceeds go to the SPCA of Texas. This incredible design was able to come together thanks to some of our amazing GFF team, RO Construction and Woodwright.