GFF Arch. Madness Tournament

Here at GFF there are a lot of people who love sports, even more who love architecture, and the odd few who fall into neither category are always down for playing a game.

In honor of the NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament Final Four and championship being held right here at home in DFW, we held an “Arch. Madness” tournament to crown the Best of Architecture champion! Voting was held right here online from March 18th-April 7th, running alongside the NCAA basketball tournament, with the Best of Architecture crowned on Tuesday, April 8th. Special thanks to ArchDaily for featuring the bracket on their site!


‘Visiting Museums Just To See the Building’

The tournament pitted 64 of the greatest in architecture stereotypes, culture, tools, and ideas against each other. From things architects like, to misconceptions people have about architects (or undeniable truths), this was a fun way to determine what is the best thing (or most ridiculous thing) about the architects we work with every day.

First Round voting held 3/18-3/24/14

Second Round voting held 3/24-3/27/14

Sweet 16 Round voting held 3/27-3/31/14

Elite 8 Round voting held 3/31-4/2/14

Final Four Round voting held 4/2-4/4/14

Championship Matchup voting held 4/4-4/7/14

GFF Arch. Madness…IT’S AWESOME BABY!!!