Footprints & New Paths

Footprints & New Paths.

GFF Co-founder Duncan T. Fulton, FAIA to Retire. Evan Beattie Named Chairman/CEO.

“The firm is thriving, thanks to the efforts of everyone at GFF – and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. I can’t think of a better time to step aside, nor a more satisfying time to do so from a personal perspective.” said Fulton. “I often get asked, ‘What is your favorite project?’. The answer for me is easy: GFF.”

Duncan T. Fulton, FAIA

Duncan T. Fulton has been at the helm for GFF since he and Larry Good established the practice.

Effective January 2020, GFF co-founder Duncan T. Fulton, FAIA, LEED AP will step down as Chairman/CEO, and will be retiring from the firm entirely in March, with the time in between spent helping ensure a smooth transition on projects for which he is responsible. Evan Beattie, AIA, LEED AP will assume the role of Chairman/CEO.

Throughout his 43 years of practicing architecture, spanning six decades, Fulton was engaged in high profile projects ranging from Camp John Marc, Nokia Americas Campus, Capital One, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and most recently the Dallas Zoo Masterplan, Weirs Plaza on Knox and the Cedar Maple Plaza tower redevelopment. He has also served on numerous civic and professional boards over the last four decades and plans to continue to do so in retirement.

“It has been an honor and privilege to have practiced with a wonderful group of people that have accomplished so much together,” said Fulton. “In particular, I want to thank my partners – both past and present – for entrusting me with a leadership role these last 37 years.

What began on April 6, 1982 out of an apartment and living room is now three thriving offices in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. From a group of six architects and a receptionist, GFF is now a firm of 125 professionals including architects, interior designers, landscape architects, planners, MBA’s, marketing, HR and IT professionals.

Duncan T. Fulton, FAIA, tells one last story before beginning his next odyssey as a retired Architect.

“The firm has been in capable hands for almost 38 years and we have an equally capable new generation of principals that are well-prepared to fully take the helm,” said Fulton. “Evan is a talented architect, deeply engaged in the life of our community and a wonderful servant leader, which is what this firm has been about. He is respected in the far and wide and there is no better person to lead the firm.”

Evan Beattie, AIA

Evan Beattie leads the firm into a new era as its Chairman/CEO.

“I am honored to have an opportunity to follow in Duncan’s footsteps as the Chairman and CEO of GFF. Duncan and Larry Good set the bar high for the next generation of firm leaders here at GFF,” said Beattie. “We are committed to creating an empowered firm culture, providing continuous opportunities for our talented team to grow professionally, and carrying our founders’ legacy forward. We are kicking off the new year with much to be grateful for, and many exciting design opportunities and city shaping projects on the boards to look forward to in 2020!”

GFF developed a multi-year ownership transition plan which was launched in 2007 when the firm went from seven principals to 13. With that transition now in its 13th year, the plan is right on track and the firm continues to see steady growth and is engaged in transformative work in more cities than at any time in its history.

New Appointments to our Management Committee

As we celebrate Duncan Fulton’s 37 sterling years at the forefront of GFF, we are pleased to recognize two accomplished Principals as new members of our Management Committee. Brian Kuper and Jim West will join Evan Beattie, Allison Hubbard, and Rick Myers to bring the committee to five representatives. As GFF’s Design Principal, Brian Kuper champions process and ethos in the decision-making that continues to evolve our practice model. Jim West’s appointment recognizes years of skillful staff leadership and the successes GFF has enjoyed under his direction in our Austin Office.

Brian Kuper

Design Principal

Jim West

Managing Director – Austin

Allison Hubbard

Chief Operating Officer – Business

Rick Myers

Chief Operating Officer – Practice