Emerging Leaders Program

This year GFF’s Laura Eder participated in the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) through AIA Dallas. The ELP class cultivates young leaders in three areas of leadership: the firm, the profession and our community. The class combines class-developed speaker panels, leadership discussions led by Pete DeLisle, PhD and a class project benefitting the community.

This year’s class project was to design and document a building for the Bonton urban farm in south Dallas. The Bonton neighborhood is considered a food desert. A food desert is defined as an area where affordable and nutritious food is difficult to obtain, particularly to those without access to a car. The criteria is based on having a grocery store more than one mile away. The closest grocery store to Bonton is 3 miles and over 3 hours round trip on public transportation. Bonton is the first urban farm in the City of Dallas. Laura’s role on the project was to be the client liaison to the class.

In the monthly class meetings, Pete had many lessons for the group. Favorites included being blindfolded and putting together a camping tent (which Laura had never done before) and taking the Kai Test to determine adapters vs innovators within the class. Pete opened people’s eyes to understanding their own leadership style as well as what to know about others to better understand how to work with various people within their firms and in the profession.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the 2015 class and for the rewarding experience of bonding and learning with my peers!”