Church Works Summer Volunteer Projects

Members of the GFF Church Works studio recently led an architecture elective class at Wesley-Rankin Community Center as part of their summer camp series. The summer enrichment camp is a seven-week program for 1st-8th grade that offers education in science, math, reading and the arts. As part of the architecture class, middle-school students learned about the basics of architecture, as well as the path to becoming an architect. The children then participated in a hands-on architecture project and each designed and built a model of a house. For more information on Wesley-Rankin Community Center and how they are transforming lives in West Dallas visit:

FUMC Allen’s “Change the World” service weekend also provided an opportunity for members of the GFF Church Works studio to serve the community. The weekend consisted of over 1,000 volunteers working on dozens of volunteer service projects focused on private residences of low income families and elderly who don’t have the ability to do the work themselves.

The GFF team demolished a dilapidated dog house, removed large piles of debris, and completed minor landscape work for an elderly City of Allen resident in need of help. After completing the work the team took a construction site tour of the addition GFF designed for FUMC Allen. It was a great opportunity to support our client and give back to the community.

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