Church Works Studio Gets a New Member – Emily Mendez

Emily is the new Interior Designer in our Church Works Studio.  She is so friendly and personable with everyone, we could’ve sworn she’d been here for years (and that was on her first day)! Her picture proves she has a lot to smile about, like her beautiful daughter, Stella. So, Emily, would you rather…

…. Coke or Pepsi? Coke – if it has to be soda.  But my weakness is sweet tea.

…. snow ski or water ski?  Snow ski – less sunscreen to apply!

…. beach or mountains?  Mountains – love the smell of “mountain air.”

…. Eames lounger or Barcelona chair?  Eames lounger – chic AND more comfortable.

…. one long vacation or several small ones?  Small vacations, but to BIG cities.

…. see a concert or attend a play?  Musicals!  Hybrid between a concert and a play.

…. written letter or email?  Neither – I like verbal communication when possible.  Less chance for miscommunication.

…. see a movie or be in a movie?  See a movie – an old black-and-white movie preferably.

…. craft beer or red wine?  Red wine.  Or white.  Whatever.  If there’s a glass of wine in my hand, I’m happy.

…. House or luxury high rise?  If we’re talking Dallas – a house.  If we’re dreaming big – a townhouse in New York.