CANstruction 2020

While it was an unCANventional summer, our interns were able to still participate in a work from home program – GFFCAN.  CANstruction is an annual competition typically held at Northpark Mall and while it was cancelled due to COVID-19, GFF’s summer interns were still able to design and construct a mini version for the would-be theme, “Game Over for Hunger”, in a Tetris inspired structure. In doing so, we are able to donate over 1,200 cans to the North Texas Food Bank!

Here’s what a few of our interns had to say about their experience:

Although CANstruction was not your typical architecture internship, it allowed me to meet some amazing GFFers and see how GFF approaches and completes a creative project. The best part was building the project at the end and getting to meet all the people that I had worked with virtually all summer.

Grace Voorheis, Tulane University

I will be attending Texas Tech University this fall of 2020 and plan to graduate with a major in Architecture. I was given the opportunity of being a part of GFF this summer. At only 17 years old, this was an incredible experience to have. Working alongside the other interns I was able to learn new things from, working in a team project to using a design software. I enjoyed the project assigned to us and being able to see our design come to life was an exciting journey. I was able to get a closer look into how an architect firm works and it made me want to pursue my dream career even more! I hope to work at GFF again in the future, if possible, and I am grateful for such an amazing learning experience.

Raul Jimenez, Texas Tech University

With the circumstances going on with Covid-19, our team was still able to take this opportunity to build a structure for Canstruction. This summer we had a lot of fun learning how to design, gather, and assemble our structure together. I am so excited to have had the opportunity to work with GFF. Game Over for Hunger has brought an exciting chance to use our design skills and give back to the community.

Brooke Lindsey, Texas Tech University

This summer I had the privilege to work with other team members/interns that made work so much fun. From all of us designing our own CANstruction design and sharing that with each other from the very start to working together on a final project, I enjoyed every bit of it. I am glad that despite the official design competition being canceled, we were able to continue with the project and give back in rough times like these. I already miss my GFF family and it’s only been one day since we all said our goodbyes. I am thankful for all the new friendships I made this summer and I am glad we could continue to give back in some way.

Patricia Moriel, University of Texas at Arlington

Watch a Time Lapse Video!

What is CANstruction?

CANstruction was created by the Society for Design Administration (SDA) working in tandem with the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Competitions are held annually in over 150 cities around the world. The event combines the competitive spirit of a design/build competition with a unique way to help feed the hungry. Competing teams led by architects and engineers partner with design and construction firms to showcase their talents by designing giant CANsculptures made out of canned foods.

At the close of the exhibition all the food will be donated to the local food bank and used in the fight against hunger.

GFF Gives Back

Illustration by The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project

GFF is proud to partner with The Trevor Project to make sure that every LGBTQ young person can live their story of pride fearlessly and authentically.

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